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Agent Aspirant / Account Representative

Battilana Financial LLC
Job Description

Our office is currently recruiting for an Agent Aspirant.  This is a primarily inside sales position working with all of our products and initially focused on our home and auto insurance.  Previous sales or insurance experience would be helpful, but it is not necessary.  Anyone passionate about the opportunity to ultimately open their own State Farm agency should apply.

As many may know, prior to owning my State Farm office in Parma I worked at a different agency and have benefited greatly from that time learning under another agent.  I had no sales or insurance experience at that point and less than 5 years later I opened my own office.

Anyone who is coachable, enjoys working with customers, has a strong work ethic, and would be interested in an opportunity to learn an industry that can lead to them opening their own business would be a strong candidate. 

Anyone interested should contact Nick Battilana at nick@nickbattilana.com

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